I’m Keyan. 

I believe in the intricate and poetic power of design to affect human life. I’ve spent years training, listening and learning. I live my life with both a peace in knowing that I’ve chosen a path I love, and an urgency to make every moment I have on this earth count.

I earned my Masters in Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design , while concurrently achieving a certificate in Business from Harvard Business School’s Online CORe program. I worked for three years as an intern architect while completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Utah with the technical skills I developed at my local community college in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was partially motivated by nearly 5 years of prior experience working construction.

I’ve diversified my experience and I have the skills and passion necessary to pursue a successful career in the profession of architecture. I now seek the opportunities and people that can help me join the world of incredible and inspiring architects through mentorship, work and design opportunities, and friendship.

I’d love to meet you, let’s connect!

︎        ︎        ︎ khansen@risd.edu