Tolerance: Material Conversations on Life & Architecture

Thesis for Master of Architecture Degree
RISD 2020

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Excerpts from the Preface:

“Through a trifecta of courses and some wonderful advising I realized that the topic for my thesis wasn’t any one particular interest of mine, but the space that connected them all together. I suppose I’ve always seen architecture not as an individual profession, but as a part of life that is tied and connected to nearly every other part. In order to really expand my understanding of architecture, I needed to integrate all the pieces...

...I have chosen to format my works by juxtaposing images of the physical works with my writings. My hope is that you will be able to move into the space between them and fill it with your own thoughts and memories. This work, if it is to be truly felt, will require trust and vulnerability, but mostly a “moving-in” of the reader. I desire nothing more than for you to be able to inhabit this work for a while. Slow down, fill it with your memories and experiences, and see what conversations may happen for you. Tolerance aims to place the observer in a space of meditation and trust with the works, to let both the residue of the conversation I had with them overlap and overlay the conversation I hope you will have with them. I have provided ample white space. Fill it however you desire.”